Upcoming Voyages

Enrichment Voyages sail twice a year: December to January and April to May.

Opportunities for learning are at the heart of Enrichment Voyages. We offer interactive lectures, workshops, and pre-port briefings to offer you a deeper connection with the people and context of each destination.

Enrichment Sessions, or talks presented by our expert lecturers, provide you with the opportunity for personal growth and discovery through examining the history, culture, indigenous people, literature, music, geology, biology, and current issues of the regions through which we are traveling.

Additional enhancements to learning are provided by Explorer Seminars, topical sessions led by your fellow shipmates, and a 9,000-volume library and a computer lab with limited internet access for further self-study.

A broad selection of optional field excursions invites you to go ashore for first-hand discovery and exploration in every port.

Learn more about our upcoming voyages

May 2014: Iron & Ice
An exciting journey through Northern Europe and Iceland.  Learn More>>

December 2014: Tropics & Transit
Voyage through the Lesser Antilles and the Panama Canal over the holidays. Learn More>>